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My Beginnings:

It was the winter of 1972 and I was 17, already had white hair and a beard, was studying at university and questioning EVERYTHING!

Especially my own thoughts about sex, not the part about being Gay I was fine with that and had know for years and since I had no issue with it I saw no reason to hide it from anyone else. My questions had more to do with my KINKY THOUGHTS. I tried to talk about them with my professors all of whom shut me down before I could even ask the questions. 

So, off I went to the West Village to find out more about LEATHER-MEN.

The Value of My Mentor

I found my answers in the form of a men in that Leather bar who put the first flogger in my hand. He had been working on someone in the corner of the bar when I waked in and in

time came over to me saying "It's Your Turn" He was dressed in chaps a jockstrap and an executioners hood. My heart stopped when he spoke to me. 

He took me to the corner where he had been flogging his sub, again said "it's Your Turn" put the flogger in my hand and guided it as I began flogging his sub. Never before in my life had any action felt so right.

After I am not sure how long since I had lost all track of time, He stopped my arm. He took down his sub who thanked both him and I and then He walked me back to the bar, only then did he take off His mask reveling that he was one of those professors who would not talk with me about my KINKY THOUGHTS.

He was also a well respected Leather Master and ran a formidable Leather House. We talked all night and into breakfast. He became my Mentor and Friend. He Presented me will all of my leathers and gave me my Master's Cover. 

Cancer also took him from this world to soon. I am grateful for the nine years he influenced my life and for all he taught myself and others. After His passing I learned he left me His Leather House, and the men who were pledged to it. One by one those men each came to the house and kneeling before Me pledged their service to the new Master of The House. 

It is from these beginnings that I have formed my beliefs, my protocols and the training I offer to those who aspire to a TRUE LIFE OF LEATHER.