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What Is A Leather House ?

Why should you consider pledging yourself

to A house and a Leather Life?

A Leather house is a community house with the history of those who have gone before. Both those who have lived as one of it's members or who have strove to live the Leather life and advance it's cause.

A Leather House is a place



with those men and women who share your respect for a life embodying the traditions of Leather.

Since the recognized beginnings of the Old Guard Leather movement back in the 1940 The world, and our lives have changed greatly. We have become a society that moves at the speed of sound with sound bites our communication source. I suggest we slow down and communicate in full and respectful sentences. 

Computers and 24 hour news networks bombard us with information, and while both are good things I suggest information also needs tradition, history and intelligent debate to flesh out it's intent. 

Our world has embraced more social, sexual and alternative lifestyles as vital and exciting. We need to use the foundations and traditions of our Leather Past to create dynamics, rituals and protocols welcoming them into and expanding our Leather lives.

In short, A Changing world - change is good, when blending with and nourished by tradition. When it is able to look both back to the past and a head to the future. 

Seeking a place in a leather house, pledging yourself to it's ideals and protocols affords you a place to share conversation, honest debate with others who seek to do the same. As a member of A Leather House you are never alone - you have other persons of leather who seek to live the same integrity of existence.